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Our Open Events

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This page is desinged to give you a general idea about our OPEN socials and other gatherings.


Our socials are typically held every three months or so on Friday nights at a haven located centrally to most of our members/attendees. These events are a means for vampires of all types to get together and socialize,meet others and form friendships. Though rather informal, our socials might include dinner/coffee, music and of course plenty of deiscussions.


Our Galas are the 'upscale' version of our socials. We try to hold them once a year - typically in October and are held in entertaining venues, such as clubs. The purpose is simply to 'let it hang out' sort of speaking and again socialize with others 'of the blood'. Galas are organized by various members and usually have various themes attached to them.

We will post tentative dates, general location (i.e. city) and other public info on our OPEN events here on our website. Further specific info on events is available by contacting us.

For more info on specific events, drop us a line!

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