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Our Philosophy/Purpose

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 HOUSE ROUGE is foremost here to offer a haven for

Vampires living in New Jersey to share with others the

experiences of the vampire condition, and to also learn from others.

Houese Crimson Moon has several netwroking options, an Elist and a

message board for the exchange of ideas and support.


Vampirism is about the inherent ability to acquire unique needed

energy resources. There are those who draw their strength or energy

from pranic sources or direct life giving sources such as blood and

sexual energy. And there are also those who derive their energy from

their empathic abilities, the ability to absorb the emotional energy

of others and "feel" other people's emotions thereby providing

sustenance. Then there are psychic vampires and elemental vampires

who seek and are able to use the energy of the earth around them

such as thru storms and other natural events or even other living

things such as pets.


The vampire can have many abilities such as empathic ability and the

ability to manipulate the motivations and thinking of others and

picking up on the mental energy of others. Vampires draw their

energies off of the energy around them. HOUSE ROUGE  believes in "willing" donors and do not agree with the unwelcome taking of

any kind being it blood, sexual or empathic or psychic energy. We  understand that there are some forms of psychic

energy taking that can be done without the donor knowing and there

is no harm. There are other organizations which believe in the

practice of forceful psychic attacks upon others. This is totally

unacceptable by House ROUGE.


The Vampire Church hopes that real vampires of many kinds who live in New Jersey area  will find

they have a haven here among other vampires, for the use of computer

technology has proven to help others to meet other people in this

world, helping people to meet where distance keeps people apart.

Vampirism is also about the

empowerment of self and thru that the development of self thru this

knowledge which will help ensure heath and survival.


'Uniting Real Vampires in New Jersey and the surrounding area.'