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We host socials at various locations throughout New Jersey on a regular basis. We try to hold them in locations that are convenient to our members and alternate them regularly. These are networking get togethers that focus on strengthening the ties amongst our brethern while also being fun and relaxing. Typically, these events are a casual getting together of friends who share food,drink,music and the like.
Once a year we do host a gala where the focus is strictly on socializing. They can take various forms and are hosted by various members of House Rouge.
We hold court monthly and it is only open to members (and invited others). Our annual 'Blood Ball' is usually held in the autumn and is only open to our members and by invitation.
Our OPEN events calendar will be available here but certain specifics ( for obvious privacy reasons ) is available by contacting us, directly.

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'Uniting Real Vampires in New Jersey and the surrounding area.'