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Welcome to House Rouge's homepage!
Our goal is to unite REAL vampires across the state of New Jersey (and vicinity)- bringing our brethren together in an atmosphere of trust,support and sharing. We exist as fraternal organization where vampires (whether Sanguine,Psy,Pranic,sexual or Elemental) can come together to build bonds, share, socialize and lend support. House Rouge stands as a reprieve from society's ignorance,intolerance and judgemental eye.
Community our cornerstone of  -we are a haven for those of us who feel that we are alone; that noone understands us.
PLEASE NO RPG!! This is for REAL vampires only!
You Must be 18 years or older to attend our events.
You must be 16 years or older to subscribe to our various internet networks.


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'Uniting Real Vampires in New Jersey and the surrounding area.'